Graeme Robin for Mayor of Greater Geelong

Greater Geelong, Australia is gearing up for mayoral elections this month. The elections have caused quite a buzz because this is the first time that ratepayers are able to directly elect their own mayor.
Since 1849, the mayor’s position was filled by nomination. This has not bode well as most residents feel that local issues have not been met satisfactorily. This new method of election is a huge opportunity for voters to have their voices heard.

Graeme Robin is a mayoral candidate for Geelong. He came to the Greater Geelong region 40 years ago and has lived, worked and raised a family here. More about him can be found at his website

“For the very first time, the new Mayor will carry a mandate from the people. For the very first time, there is a real chance for the voice of the community to be fully heard and actioned.”

“Such direct input was never possible before. This is a momentous opportunity for open, fair, practical and effective leadership in Geelong,” Graeme said.

“Each mayoral candidate will promote his or her policy and vision and we voters will vote for the policy and vision that most closely matches our own. We will still elect a councillor to represent our ward, but the overriding drive must be the power of public opinion as expressed in the popular vote for the Mayor. What a great way to go! The new mayor will carry with him or her a strong message from the voter and one that cannot be ignored by the 12 councillors and just as importantly, by the bureaucracy.”

“Together we can partner with and champion the community to make our region – our home – stronger, safer, better,” he said.

This non-aligned candidate, with no political affiliation, says his wife was his greatest inspiration. When he bemoaned what he saw happening to his town, she told him to “Well, do something”, and now he has.

“Geelong has so much to offer with its spectacular natural scenery, central regional location, commercial and industrial hub, and a rich cultural history. It it is our responsibility to preserve as well as improve our region for future generations.”

“Anyone who knows anything about the history of Geelong knows that sheer grit and determination saw us consistently rate second only to Melbourne in terms of growth and importance over the past 200 years.”

“I have grit and determination to help make this great city even greater. That is the backbone upon which Geelong was built, and I am very proud of that platform!” said Graeme Robin.

Graeme Robin as Mayor of Geelong brings with him energy, determination, wit and motivation to do whatever is needed for the residents of this great area.

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New transplant method may allow kidney recipients to live life free of anti-rejection medication

ScienceDaily (Mar. 11, 2012) — New ongoing research published March 7 in the journal Science Translational Medicine suggests organ transplant recipients may not require anti-rejection medication in the future thanks to the power of stem cells, which may prove to be able to be manipulated in mismatched kidney donor and recipient pairs to allow for successful transplantation without immunosuppressive drugs. Northwestern Medicine® and University of Louisville researchers are partnering on a clinical trial to study the use of donor stem cell infusions that have been specially engineered to “trick” the recipients’ immune system into thinking the donated organ is part of the patient’s natural self, thus gradually eliminating or reducing the need for anti-rejection medication.

“The preliminary results from this ongoing study are exciting and may have a major impact on organ transplantation in the future,” said Joseph Leventhal, MD, PhD, transplant surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and associate professor of surgery and director of kidney and pancreas transplantation at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “With refinement, this approach may prove to be applicable to the majority of patients receiving the full spectrum of solid organ transplants.”

Leventhal authored the study along with Suzanne Ildstad, MD, director of the Institute of Cellular Therapeutics at the University of Louisville. It is the first study of its kind where the donor and recipient do not have to be related and do not have to be immunologically matched. Previous studies involving stem cell transplants for organ recipients have included donors and recipients who are siblings and are immunologically identical, something that only occurs in about 25 percent of sibling pairs.

“Being a transplant recipient is not easy. In order to prevent rejection, current transplant recipients must take multiple pills a day for the rest of their lives. These immunosuppressive medications come with serious side effects with prolonged use including high blood pressure, diabetes, infection, heart disease and cancer, as well as direct damaging effects to the organ transplant,” said Ildstad. “This new approach would potentially offer a better quality of life and fewer health risks for transplant recipients.”

In a standard kidney transplant, the donor agrees to donate their kidney. In the approach being studied, the individual is asked to donate part of their immune system as well. The process begins about one month before the kidney transplant, when bone marrow stem cells are collected from the blood of the kidney donor using a process called apheresis. The donor cells are then sent to the University of Louisville to be processed, where researchers enrich for “facilitating cells” believed to help transplants succeed. During the same time period, the recipient undergoes pre-transplant “conditioning,” which includes radiation and chemotherapy to suppress the bone marrow so the donor’s stem cells have more space to grow in the recipient’s body.

Once the facilitating cell-enriched stem cell product has been prepared, it is transported back to Northwestern, where the recipient undergoes a kidney transplant. The donor stem cells are then transplanted one day later and prompt stem cells to form in the marrow from which other specialized blood cells, like immune cells, develop. The goal is to create an environment where two bone marrow systems exist and function in one person. Following transplantation, the recipient takes anti-rejection drugs which are decreased over time with the goal to stop a year after the transplant.

“This is something I have worked for my entire life,” said Ildstad, who pioneered the approach and is known for her discovery of the “facilitating” cell.

Less than two years after her successful kidney transplant, 47-year-old mother and actress Lindsay Porter of Chicago, is living a life that most transplant recipients dream of — she is currently free of anti-rejection medications and says at times, she has to remind herself that she had a kidney transplant. “I hear about the challenges recipients have to face with their medications and it is significant. It’s almost surreal when I think about it because I feel so healthy and normal.” Doctors are hopeful that Porter will not need immunosuppressive drugs long-term, given her progress thus far.

In order to qualify for this type of experimental kidney transplant, the donor and recipient pairs must be blood-type compatible and have a negative cross-match, which means that testing has been done to confirm the recipient does not have antibodies in the blood that would cause rejection of the kidney.

The clinical trial is ongoing. Researchers are also planning a second clinical trial, which would offer similar treatment for subjects who have already undergone a living donor kidney transplant.

Dr. Suzanne Ildstad has equity interest in Regenerex LLC, a collaborating entity on this study. Personnel from Regenerex are involved in the processing of the donor cells and provide guidance regarding development, regulatory and manufacturing issues related to the study.

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

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Journal Reference:

  1. J. Leventhal, M. Abecassis, J. Miller, L. Gallon, K. Ravindra, D. J. Tollerud, B. King, M. J. Elliott, G. Herzig, R. Herzig, S. T. Ildstad. Chimerism and Tolerance Without GVHD or Engraftment Syndrome in HLA-Mismatched Combined Kidney and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation. Science Translational Medicine, 2012; 4 (124): 124ra28 DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3003509

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.

This is amazing to me. Stem cell research which would allow the phasing-out of anti-rejection medication. That is amazing. I have known people who died after kidney transplant because of rejection issues, and this new research and new findings could really make a big difference in this particular field of science.

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Armadillos Likely Transmitting Leprosy to Humans in Southern U.S.: Scientific American


Such a cute little fella, but now has been identified as a carrier of a strain of leprosy that attacks humans. So now leprosy (Hansen’s disease) is showing up in some of the States in the US.

You can’t always tell from the outside if an armadillo has leprosy, but you’d think that you would want to exercise caution with any wild animal.

Not too sure yet how the bacteria is passed from animal to human or how long it stays alive away from a host.

I guess more research is warranted. I imagine that people might think these fellas to be cute, which they certainly are, and maybe coax them into their yards with food, etc.

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Pimple In The White Part Of My Eye


A pimple on or anywhere near the eye sounds like a very painful problem indeed. However as you read into the article, it sounds like they are talking about pink eye. Then they also go into conjunctivitis, cysts and stys. All of these sound very uncomfortable.

I remember having pink eye. It feels like little grains of sand are under your eyelid. A sty can be very uncomfortable, too, as it feels like a little piece of gravel caught underneath your eyelid.

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Pizza Hut Coupons | Fast Food Coupons Printable

Who can resist a delicious hot pizza served up with your favorite toppings and that yummy melted cheese on top? Pizza Hut offers scrumptious tasting pizza and other menu choices for you to dine in or order out. Top that with Pizza Hut coupons that save you money on great food and you are all set to go.

Pizza Hut has the whole family covered, and a taste to suit everyone. From build your own pizza combinations to all-time popular favorites to salads, pasta, wings and drinks, Pizza Hut has it all. Pizza Hut coupons can help you save money whether you are going out to eat for some time alone, taking the family, or inviting the whole gang of friends.

Pizza Hut Coupons – Printable and online, these coupons help you get more for your money. In this economy that’s a very smart thing to do. Your friends and family will look up to you for being budget-conscious and will love you for buying Pizza Hut dinner for them! You can make this budget-friendly choice today and just print off the coupons and go surprise someone with a great tasting meal.

Eating out is so convenient. It is one of the great time-savers in today’s busy lifestyle, and not only do you get hot, fresh cooked food served up in no time at all, but you also have no clean-up to do afterwards. With your Pizza Hut coupons you can afford to buy extra for everyone to eat the next day. Many people love cold pizza for breakfast, and many love taking Pizza Hut leftovers in the lunch the next day to warm up at school or at work.

If you are vegetarian, that’s okay too, because Pizza Hut has got you covered. They have an unbeatable cheese pizza, as well as numerous combinations of veggie pizzas – anything you can think of. Pizza Hut coupons can save you money while you eat your favorite tasty food no matter what time of day or night the cravings hit. Just get an online, free printable fast food coupon and you are good to go.



What’s even better than eating yummy Pizza Hut food is getting it cheap with a coupon. Pizza Hut was the first place I ever ate pizza. We never had any homemade pizza growing up, and I bet I was in my mid-twenties before I ever had my first bite of pizza.

And yes! It was Pizza Hut pizza! Well that is my story about pizza. I bet most people in North America have eaten pizza way before the age of 20. I used to make a pretend pizza, trying to copy the pictures of pizza that I saw. So I would mix up a biscuit recipe, spread tomato soup over it, sprinkle cooked hamburger and fried onions over it, sprinkle garlic powder and oregano on top, then cover with grated cheese. It turned out more like a hamburger and biscuit casserole, but I was so proud of my homemade “pizza”.

Now I just order from Pizza Hut. Like it much better. Plus there’s no cleanup. That’s the best part of all.

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Crush empty bottles into fine sand – It’s Green Australia, Melbourne VIC, Sydney NSW, Brisbane QLD, Adelaide SA, Perth WA, Hobart TAS, Canberra ACT, Darwin NT


This is glass sand. What an ingenious way to recycle/reuse glass. Apparently it has many uses; for sand blasting, hydroponics, landfill cover, applications in landscaping or lawn ornaments.

It can be added to pottery, used as a drainage material, ice control instead of salt, and an asphalt product dubbed glasphalt.

It looks like it would make really pretty things, like stepping stones. It would give products a sparkly texture and be very useful.

I love this website because it’s all about becoming green. They also give links to other websites providing additional reading material on how glass bottles can be crushed into fine sand and then used for other things.

The crushing process must include a polishing of the sand so that it isn’t a handful of sharp little objects. It almost looks like little round beads.

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Burger King Coupons | Fast Food Coupons Printable

Burger King uses flame-broiling to bring that mouth-watering delectable taste to their burgers. For the health-conscious in the group, there are lots of choices available, including salads, chicken burgers and much more! Even the vegetarian in us can be easily satisfied by the wonderful foods available on the menu. Top the irresistible taste with some really great Burger King coupons and you will be constantly going back for more!

Breakfast selections like maple oatmeal, snacks, lunches, hearty dinners and even late-night craving-satisfiers are all available to you. From delectable desserts to thirst-quenching drinks, all your bases are covered. Our busy lifestyle requires quick, delicious food served up fast and friendly. With Burger King coupons you can really afford to eat out.

Now that’s smart shopping! Gone are the days when using a coupon to save money was embarrassing, or considered “cheap.” Now friends and family members are impressed when you pay with a coupon because it saves your hard-earned money and keeps it in your wallet where it belongs. And that’s something that everyone is trying to do these days.

Oh man, I have been craving a big, juicy, loaded burger lately. I can just almost taste it right now. They are so big they fill up my whole hand with lots hanging over, and they fill up my stomach too.

The flame-broiled process makes the meat so tender and tasty. I love it how the internet just auto-magically brings coupons to our fingertips within seconds. It’s such a great way to save money and it saves resources too.

Time to go find a coupon and go get my food…

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